Break down or Break out?

I am at a cross road in my week

drained, feeling alone, in pain…

Put on my mask and smile

or just cry for everyone to see?

All I want to do is run

Run far, far away..


4 thoughts on “Break down or Break out?

  1. Crying helps…though crying in front of 2 year old nieces is misconstrued as either sleeping or laughing, at which point their little two year old cuteness makes you laugh. I like your poem.

  2. Love this. Live this. I’ve learned that when the tears come, they come. I don’t fight it. No reason to always wear the mask. Oh and how often I want to run. Even now when there is no one or nothing to run from. It just seems the escape is enough in and of itself. Glad I found your blog.

    • I need to learn to let go and just cry. Rip of the mask and let it all out. Maybe not all the time but enough so I dont have this bottled up feeling all the time..

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