Spoons in my coffee??

My kids have been asking allot of me lately. I mean ALLOT…

My son comes home from school today and starts in on me about a play at school he has to go to, he has to get flowers for a girl he likes, what time he needs to leave, how much money he wants, on and on and on…

I look at him with a very blank look and just say No. I am all out of spoons! You guys have used them all up. I have nothing else to give today. Im tired, cranky, please leave me alone…

He walks away.

I hear some clanking in the other room. A few minutes later my son comes back with a cup of coffee and a cup of spoons and a HUGE grin on his face.

He says “Look mom, all your spoons are back and coffee to make you happy”

I had to smile at that! What a thoughtful yet funny thing for him to do.


9 thoughts on “Spoons in my coffee??

  1. I love it!! That’s why we keep giving and giving to our kids. They give us back even more. This made my day. Reminds me of all my (now grown) kids have ‘given’ to me.

  2. Thankful that he reminded me to fill my cup back up. His never ending love for me gives me strength.

  3. That is so cute! Kids can be unpredictably helpful sometimes, one second they’re asking you to do things and worrying about their lives, and the next they’re bringing you spoons and caffeine. My two year old niece was definitely a blessing when I was recovering from my surgery. Hang in their Inga, looks like you have a lot of love and support behind you. 🙂

  4. That is so sweet! He sounds so compassionate and sweet! I hope to eventually have caring children like him ❤

  5. He is 14 so most days he is amazing and some… Well are questionable.
    My mom was driving me somewhere the other day and Tommy and I had just got in a fight at home. She had no idea. Him and his sister were sitting in the back seat. Driving along she looks at me knowing how much pain I was in says to me “Tommy told me about your spoons. Thank you for using one for me today” He had shared the spoon theory with her so she would understand me better. It felt good to know that he understood.. She understood..

  6. Inga, Thank you for this beautifully touching piece. My daughter has recently had her op and I know she will really understand where you’re at. What a wonderful son you have. x

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