Always the same

Today is the same as the last

The same as tomorrow

Never ending cycle 

How do I break this

Make a change

I don’t, I can’t 

Until I Die


No more pain… 



3 thoughts on “Always the same

  1. 1. This poem is sad and honest and I kinda understand it. 2. You haven’t posted in a while, so I’m just hoping you’re okay with surgery and life and everything and I’ll pray for you and, thinking of you Inga! You’re probably super busy or stressed or perhaps already recovering, and just, I’m thinking of you! Totally understandable that you’re not updating your blog or anything. Just, if you ever do, know that someone cares. Random person in blog world cares. – Catherine

    • Thank you.. I haven’t posted because I haven’t had any motivation. Any feelings good or bad. Im just living each day as they come. I haven’t had the surgery yet… My Dr.s keep prolonging everything. Its almost like a sick game. I cried for hours yesterday just wanting everything to go away. Knowing my life was going to stay the same for two more months before I get in with the with the Neurosurgeon.. Thank you for your post today, it is so nice to know that someone cares:) Inga

  2. You’re welcome Inga. I understand, parts at least. It seems to be a major part of a patient’s burden, to wait. Wait while in pain, wait while not knowing, wait and not know what to do. Eventually, this will just be a memory. Another note of what you survived, and testament to the kind of person you are. Writing always helped me get through the monotony, the time. Just writing about the days, the burdens, everything, writing for me. But I journal by nature, ever since second grade. Words help me. Anyway, I’m glad to hear something from you, even if it’s just to hear that you’re still waiting. You’re welcome again, – Catherine

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