How can he be so selfish?

One day he is amazing and helpful

The next selfish and hurtful

He doesn’t care that I just want to spend time with him

He would rather spend time with friends

Anyone but me… 

Plans we have had for weeks he try’s to get out of

Tells me I agreed to him doing something else… 

Why does he play with my mind? 

Knowing he can, but knowing he shouldn’t 

Leaving me broken yet again 


This is all so stupid and now I hide in my room in the dark crying… My son feels he is to old to go to Disney on ice with his sister and I and our entire family! We bought the tickets a month ago. Committed to going and now he is saying he wants to go to his girlfriends play, that I told him he could go and bring her flowers. That would mean that I would have to drive to the store, purchase flowers, take him to the play, and pick him up. This would all be happening during Disney on ice. Why would I agree to this? He some how tricks me into things because of being sick, and when I am in pain sometimes asks for things. I don’t know if I ever agreed to this but why would I?? I just feel so hurt and confused. I just want to spend time with my son… and now my head hurts so bad. Stupid day! 


2 thoughts on “How can he be so selfish?

  1. I’m so sorry. Especially crying…I know my head hurts twice as bad when I cry, so I would guess yours hurts even worse than that. Be careful, teenagers are tricky and will take advantage of any weakness…I know…I was one! I hope your day gets better. Sending a comforting hug your way.

  2. Thank you for the hug. Always needed!! It was a rough day… Not sure why I thought it would be easier having a teenager. I was horrible. My son can be amazing and then flip a switch but that’s what they do. It sucks. It’s going to be a long couple years and being in pain just adds to the fun!

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