The 48 hour request

One of the best decisions my husband has ever done for me

Knowing my son has started “tricking” me into agreeing on things

I then forget of course because my brain works that way

We have implemented the 48 hour request.

This is how it works…

Anything he would like to do must be emailed to me CC to his father atleast 48 hours in advance

With time, date, people involved.

I then must except or deny or change the terms.

It’s brilliant! No more tricking

No more making me feel like I’m going crazy!

2 thoughts on “The 48 hour request

  1. Very nice. I may suggest this one to my sister if you don’t mind. My nephew is at that age too.

    • It has worked great!! He wants to make plans for next weekend. I told him to send his father and I an email with all the needed information so we could go over it together and decide. Its taken away so much stress:)

      Tried replying to this and comes up weird.. sorry if you get it multiple times.

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