Empty Inside

I am in a room with family. My dog cuddled up to me. But yet… I feel nothing right now, other than the over whelming thought of flight. The thought of running. I haven’t felt this way since I was a child. Huge abandonment issues, never truly feeling wanted or loved. All of those feelings are starting to creep back to the surface I thought I had buried them so deep they could NeVeR be found.

What would happen if I got in my car and left? How long could I get a hotel? How far could I get… How long would it take for them to notice? Would they notice?

I hope that I come out of this soon… There is nothing like feeling empty and alone.

For every tear I shed for you I die a little more inside…

2 thoughts on “Empty Inside

  1. taylornicolefrost

    I read you post and wanted to give you hope, you are not alone and there is something that could change your feelings of emptiness to joy. Knowing the depth of Jesus Christ’s love for you will give you freedom and joy. If you are ever searching for encouragement my blog is taylornicolefrost.wordpress.com

  2. Thank you for the reminder to give it to God.. Sometimes when Life is so overwhelming and just to much for me to I forget to what to do and to turn to him. I fall into such a deep hole that its hard to come out of… Today is a better day!

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