insurance What?

So with the New Year comes New problems. Looks like we may not have insurance in a month… I haven’t been without insurance my entire adult life. So I am investigating where to buy good insurance. But Anyone who has health conditions knows how complicating that can be. Not only is it expensive the chances of me being able to continue seeing my Doctors anymore is slim to none. This sucks! Who ever is meddling in my life right now needs to stop before I blow up! At least I was able to make appointments with everyone I needed to this next week so I could button everything up! But man, I am telling you that this is stressful and the migraines that add to this stress are insane. I have always been so grateful for what I have but when you are faced with the true reality of losing your life style or losing the way you care for your self and your children its heart wrenching… Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and this was all just a bad dream.


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