Tuesday just needs to come

So many unanswered questions will be answered by Tuesday. I already know that one occupation will be gone from our home, one less income, one less way to support ourselves but the question is how will it all go down? Will the others involved let us walk away or will it be a mean bloody fight? I have multiple Doctor appointments with the possibility of going back into the hospital for a few days. My thought is will I do it and for how long this time? Last time was a week. Is it even worth it to do the infusions? We are starting to make a list of things, and I do say “things” that we can sell. Because anything we own is really not that important to me as long as my family is still together and fed, warm and in a home. I say “A” home because we have our house on the market we need to decide whether we want to stay and take it off the market and keep it as our home or drop the price and dump it so we can move. Get away from all of this shit, all the problems and all the people around us. Im not naive. I know that anywhere you go there will be people that mess with your life or problems you can’t fix or hardships but right now I just want to run. Run as fast as I can…


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