Memories Of You

Years have passed and memories have faded. All the good has ceased to exist leaving me with infrequent thoughts of you. You left me bitter and outraged. I have now learned to move on. I closed off my heart, built a wall, and did not allow anyone else in. For so long… That is what one has to do to survive being heartbroken, yes? Life goes on, as such my days are filled with new memories.


From the dark circles under my eyes

to the weight that goes straight to my thighs

My stringy hair, with that hint of gray

My memory less and less with everyday

Those unforgiving “old spots” on my face,

Somedays I would give anything to just erase!

Each and every imperfection makes me unique

Makes me who I am. Take your imperfections each of you

Find something you like about them, I dare you to.