My first heart attack…

Today was a very interesting experience 

Progressively I started to have chest pain sharp, then dull, tight

Making it impossible to breath 

My first thought I was having an anxiety attack 

But, about what? 

Im not really upset about anything. Very odd…

Then the pain started to move down my arm, my neck

Everything  started getting really tight… 

I attempted to make a doctor  appointment

After speaking with the doctor and nurse who told me to hang up and go straight to the ER

WHAT? Did I hear you clear? “Yes, I believe you are having a heart attack.” 

“Me, I’m only 32. I can’t be having a heart attack”


So.. I live in a world of denial. It’s not going to happen if I don’t allow it to or it will just go away. 

After I hung up I jumped in my car,continued with the work I needed to do today 

Then I went to my therapy appointment…

Which she wasn’t very happy with seeing as I looked like death and was curled in a ball 

It was only then did I leave and drive to the hospital 


Once i got there they rushed me in, hooked me up and started the tests 

EKG, full blood work up multiple chest X-rays, and what ever tests I did not listen to

Guess what… Just like I told them in the first place… 

I was not having a heart attack. Surprise!!!!! 

Instead I have an inflamation  in the wall of my chest with chest contusion. 

Question of the day??? How did I bruise the wall of my chest? 

I know I have a brain disorder. I know I forget a lot. But… 

I think I would remember bruising the wall of my chest. 

* BTW this is in the top ten most painful experiences of my life. I do believe this is how a heartattack feels and it sucks assssssssss just saying

Also takes a few days for the  inflammation to go down