My Sally

People come into our life at the time we need them the most 

Stop looking, shut your eyes, it will happen

It might even be someone you wouldn’t expect

I just lost one of my very best friends and with her she tried to ruin my marriage. Along with that I was feeling alone, sick, in pain, and very confused.

Out of nowhere I get an email from Sally… My elderly neighbor. She had heard that I was having some health problems and offered to watch my daughter and help out anytime I needed her. She had Migraines when she was my age. Knew how hard it was to raise children while she was in so much pain.

Weeks have gone by and I have thought about Sally. I have a Dr. appointment today for my third round of Botox, yesterday I spent the entire day in the ER and I feel like crud. I called Sally. She was so loving, so caring and wanted to know how she could help. She would love to watch Issa for me and she already has crafts planned. Suggested different meds that her and her daughter had used in the past. The entire talk was so uplifting. 

I decided everyone with chronic pain needs their own Sally. Find someone in your life that knows what you are going through. That can talk to you and truly know how it feels! Only someone who has gone through it, experienced it can truly understand. 

Thats my Sally 

The Crystal Anniversary

Pat and I will have been married 15 years on the 21st of November.

The Crystal Anniversary! We both got a good laugh at that. Looked at some cheesy gifts for when we celebrate but none of that matters. Looking back at all the years, what we have gone through to build up to 15 years. All of our memories. I would like to share just a few very special with you today.

We met in high school. He looked across the room at me and we both knew “Love at first sight” He asked if he could drive me home after talking for a few days. After a week of rides and talking he asked me out on our first date.

Having little money. We drove to Seattle parked the truck and walked onto a Ferry. We went back and forth until we decided (very late) one more time back to Bainbridge and then we need to get home. Well… We did not know the Ferry stopped for the night in Bainbridge. We were stuck, no truck, no money. We walked around until we found some shelter from the cold and rain. He kept me warm and safe. We talked until morning about anything. About everything…

Our next date he took me to Snoqualmie water falls. We walked over to the falls, holding hands. He looked into my eyes and said “I am going to Marry you some day”. Of course me being me laughed in his face.. Told him he was full of shit and walked away. He chased me down grabbed me and held me close. Insisted that some day I would be his wife. At that moment he had me.

It took me awhile to bring him home to meet the family (I never brought home boyfriends!! Older brothers and all) But I could tell it bothered him. One day he drove me home from school and he asked when he would get to come in and meet my family. “Well, today is as good as any day”.  My family loved him! Took him right in.

One thing about Pat. He was out on his own at this time. He lived with friends couch hopping or in his car. He had been on his own for a long time. He ended up moving in with me a few months later. My mom knew she couldn’t keep us apart and she wasn’t willing to try.

A year later I find out I am pregnant… (still in high school) Being chicken shit one of my friends goes and buys the test for me. I am able to tell Pat and my mom. Everyone else has to find out one way or another.

A few weeks later he takes me out on the same Ferry we road on our first date. he wraps his arms around me real tight and without even knowing he slips a ring on my finger… As he turns to kneel down I grab him and say Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Ill marry you!

15 years ago I married my high school sweetheart

I married my soul mate

I married the father of my children

The love of my life