Stocker Much?

Trying to make a living, trying to work hard to raise our family and have a good life for ourselves. Instead of being happy for us certain people keep trying to bring us down. Why spend energy that could be positively spent on your own life instead is taken out negatively on my life. It infuriates me that people can not get their own fucking life. Stop obsessing about mine and what I have. Go get your own. You want it? Go work for it. But i’ll be damned if I will let you just walk in and take what we worked so hard to build.

Today was another example of somebody who lives with jealousy. It sickens me how they let it overcome them and lets it run their life. I wont allow it to be a part of mine. You come around and try to show that you are bigger than what you are. Your nothing… You mean nothing.

I could handle this better if this was all about me but when it involves someone I love it brings out a rage in me. All I see is red. I will always fight for the ones I love, till the day I die.