Stress of today, stress of tomorrow and stress of yesterday.

I am overcome with it! The feeling of my shoulders up at my ears.

I remind myself, relax as I feel them lower back down.

Head pounding, mind racing, eye twitching.

Needing more time in the day,

yet wanting the day to just be over already.



This week got ahold of me…

Usually I take a hold of life. I run with it even if I am unable to do much with my day it is still my day. This week, I sit back and look at and it took over me. It is as if everything all the appointments and people around me just took over and had control of what I did and where I had to be. Its kind of frustrating because it almost feels like days I lost or at least parts of days. I know some people will look at that and think that is a bit selfish. At least I had those days, I am alive to live them but being sick most of my days it is hard to have so much time taken away and spent on so many things that I have little to no control on. So frustrating I had no time to even sit down and write or even read one blog this week… Even now I am in the middle of dinner the dog needs to go out I need to get laundry started the kids need to finish homework I need to take my meds before it gets late my cat is bugging me because he is hungry and I am taking the time to sit for 5 minutes to write!!!! I decided I get 5 minutes to myself!

Im not sure if it is my tremors starting something new and I do not want to tell my doctors but under my left eye has started fluttering for almost two weeks now. I think its stress. Lots of stress.. All I need to do is get back to a few minutes a day for myself and it will go away. Some things can not be controlled in life like the flutter under my eye but I can control a few minutes a day for myself. If I don’t how can I be good enough for everyone else around me???

Dont be afraid

My son messages me today that he is afraid. That he feels that he will not get the GPA this quarter that he has worked so hard to achieve. His finals are not working out the way he had hoped. I try and console him. Let him know that I am here for him. He can only do his best. He needs to stop, breath and take a moment. Think has he tried his hardest, does he feel good about the job he has done? Sometimes in life thats all we can do. I forget to take my own advice sometimes. Stop breath and take a moment. Stop stressing and worrying about the things I cannot change. Live in this moment! If everyone stopped and lived in this moment right now how much weight would lift off our backs? How much more time would we have in our life for our loved ones? Just a thought…