Remembering my voice

Days like today where I feel overwhelmed. Swamped with work, lack of support from key people in my life, Doctor appointments, drowning in laundry and house work… the list goes on. I must remember to keep my voice. I tend to hide under a rock. Bury myself so deep that no one can find me. I stopped writing for almost a year. I stopped talking to so many people I even would dodge phone calls from close family and friends. If I have learned one thing from myself I need to keep my voice and in times that I am stressed, sad and utterly going crazy I must not hide from the ones I care the most.


The 48 hour request

One of the best decisions my husband has ever done for me

Knowing my son has started “tricking” me into agreeing on things

I then forget of course because my brain works that way

We have implemented the 48 hour request.

This is how it works…

Anything he would like to do must be emailed to me CC to his father atleast 48 hours in advance

With time, date, people involved.

I then must except or deny or change the terms.

It’s brilliant! No more tricking

No more making me feel like I’m going crazy!